Obsidian PS Magic Perm (1st 500ml / Liquid 2nd : 530g)

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PS Magic Perm

A functional multi perm which can make wave and straight perm


H1 : for normal or healthy hair

N1 : for damaged hair



Volume 1st agent 500ml / Liquid 2nd agent 530g
Main Ingredient Keratin, CMC
Used for products Customers who have normal, damaged and curly hair
Product Features


It's a heat perm product expressing magic straight and wave curl effectively as the ingredients of moisture and clinic are strengthened.


How to use


No.1 : Soften the hair by controlling the way of applying and the time according to the length and characteristic of the hair.

(Healthy hair : 15~20 mins, Damaged hair : 10~15 mins)

No.2 : Rinse off after leaving naturally for 10 mins. 


made in Korea