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Hair Treatment Cap TI 13000

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Nylon can - Non-woven, endothelial, fabric or waterproof nylon shell -TC quilted sewing processing. Endothelial and non-woven fabric is waterproof. Made of nylon sheath case of TC fabric or waterproof nylon fabric quilting sewing processing that is. Resize straps is equipped with a strap with adjustable size can be worn, regardless of head size.

Separation of the two zipper. Stops spread in two separate envelopes (envelope once more) and endothelium is removable and laundry. Easy coat with detachable endothelial shell and endothelial separation is also possible for the laundry. When this endothelial washing laundry should only wash coat endothelium wipe with a towel. (Electric shock hazard)

Thermal cut-out preventer. When it reaches the proper temperature and keeps the temperature, without further temperature rise.