Obsidian Mega Hold Spray 300ml

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Mega Hold Spray

Mighty Spray Product, Holding Desired Hair Style with Fast Drying Speed and Powerful Setting Effect


Volume 300ml
Main Ingredient Ethanol, Propane, Propylene Glycol
Used for products All types of hair
Product Features

1) Light Mega Hold Spray whose particles are sprayed minutely and evenly without lumping.

2) The use of luxurious fixatives makes fixing power long-lasting but allows for restyling when brushing.

3) Its quick dryness without being damp and soft fragrance 

How to use

Strong setting power allows the hair style to be fully set even if the spray is sprayed at a distance of 30cm or more. Spray the whole hair style lightly while shaking the spray nicely at a short distance. 


made in Korea