Obsidian Vernic Heat Protector 200ml

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Vernic Heat Protecter

It protects hair against heat and makes hair elastic and healthy.


Volume 200ml
Main Ingredient CMC-AP, vitamin for heat protection, thermal activ
Used for products All of hair
Product Features

It contains CMC-AP, vitamin for heat protection, thermal activating collagen.

It shapes moisture layer of hair surface and reinforces elasticity of hair as delivering moisture to cuticle layer.

It keeps hair to be healthy and soft due to excellent protecting hair against strong heat.

It provides recovery effect as enhancing the inside and outside of hair.


How to use

  ★ Heat permanent wave for salon

  1. After rinse Vernic(H1, N1, D1) 1st agent of hair, please evenly apply heat protecter to hair.

  2. Please apply heat device to hair.(magic straightener and digital setting etc)

  3. Please apply Vernic(Cream or Liquid type) 2nd agent to hair.


  ★ Home care for styling

   1. After rinse hair by proper shampoo, please dry hair by towel.

   2. Please apply proper volume of heat protecter to hair.

   3. Please apply heat devices to hair in accordance with customer’s choice. (magic straightener, dryer, setting machine etc)



made in Korea