Napla GRAY Fashion Color

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Contains natural ingredients. 
Brilliantly vividly, the birth of a pure natural hair color

Natural cysteine ​​excellent in moisturizing and protective effect, six herbal extracts, and chlorophyll for suppressing the smell of hair color. In addition, natural ingredients highly moisturizing and water retention effect Soybean protein PPT, hyaluronic acid Na is newly compounded. 


Napla GRAY HB ACCESS FREE Fashion Color is a high grade coloring solution that results in a natural tone and an amorous finish.

Please read the explanatory note and use properly.

You will enjoy the wonderful finish.

6 herbal hair throughout the rich moisturizing effect and at the same time, minimizing damage to the hair and scalp irritation.

Reduce the adsorbed on the negative portion of hair tinged with the same treatment and the positive cation system-based cream, damaged, resulting in damage. In addition, silk effects, achieve a smooth texture and color.

* Access free HB
Alkali color is passion. Please note that this is not for all guests, all scalp and hair conditions for no reaction with alkaline ingredients and dyes.



NB : Natural Brown

AB : Ash Brown

OLB : Olive Brown

GB : Gold Brown

CB : Copper Brown

RB : Red Brown

1st agent : 80g

2nd (developer) : 1000ml