Kaari Japan Professional Barber Hair Cutting Salon Shears Scissors Ideal 3

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  • Right Handed
  • Hand Made From Finest Quality Hitachi SUS440C Japanese Stainless Steel
  • Advanced Sub-Zero Quench Process To Increase The Blade Hardness
  • Ergonomic Shape For Maximum Comfort
  • Guaranteed To Be Razor Sharp
  • Mirror Polished Finish
  • Artificial Diamond Nut Leaf Spring Tension Screw

*Tips ( In order for a Scissor to be considered high quality..)

1. materials used to make scissor : this is of core importance for its' quality. 

A. Durability of material (at least HRC 59 and up). 

B. Must not be susceptible to rust when it touches moisture. Cutting force must be exceptional (just because the metal is hard may not mean it has good cutting force.) If the metal is too hard the blade may break more easily or the hair one is trying to cut might slip out of the scissor easily thus lessening the quality of sensation one feels when cutting hair.….The slippery feel can also cause more fatigue for the hair stylist. Thus this “sensation when cutting hair” needs to a good one. It is best when the scissor feels neither slippery nor stiff (approximately HRC 62 hardness)-thus being able to feel the refined harmony of the sensation of both smoothness and pulling of the moving blades by the hair stylist. 

2. The construction of the bottom of the scissor blade: of core importance in the making good scissors

A. The blades of scissors are not flat but curvy…. how consistently curvy it is is what makes a difference . The degree of curve it has as well as how consistent this degree of curve is maintained throughout the blade is what determines its’ strength all the way up to the tip of the blade… this is of core importance in what determines the quality of a pair of scissors. B. The bottom of the blade is constructed to be curvy but 0.5 mm rim along the blade maintains flatness. The size of this area needs to be consistent throughout the blade--the finish of the bottom of the blade needs to be smooth (If the blade looks rough, it has only been through one “ finishing process.” A pair of scissors of high quality goes through 3 of these processes.) C. Even when one scissors with slow motions, the sensation he feels must be consistent- just because a pair of scissors feel smooth when using does not mean it is of high quality. When you are able to actually feel the blades sliding onto each other and also feel a smooth slide of the blades, you know the scissors are of high quality. 

3. The condition of the rim of the outer blade: The rim of the outer blade which measures 2mm should be sitting at the same degree consistenly thoughout the blade and should be sharp at the same time. 

4. Bolts and nuts: The spring or cushioning component of the bolts and nuts must be intricately placed and the the holes should also be correctly placed as well. 

A. When the bolts and nuts are tightened or made loose, it must be built so that it can be maneauvered even in the most intricate way. It must also be built in a way so that “tight”senstation one feels when scissoring can easily be altered. 

B. When scissoring, one should not feel a sensation of choppiness but feel a sense of complete stability. It is not good for the nut to become loose easily.( It is best when the nut makes a click click sound when screwed or unscrewed. This type of nut becomes loose less easily when scissoring -called the click click bolt)