Obsidian ORZEN Scalp Peeling 220ml

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Orzen Scalp Peeling

Technical product for removing the scalp keratin


Volume 220ml
Main Ingredient Oatmeal extract, D-Panthenol Vitamin B5
Used for products Stopping hair loss, Scalp with dandruff
Product Features

Professional peeling products for healthy scalp, which removes useless keratin and the plenty of moisturizing ingredients as well as the accumulated remains on the horny layer smoothly without any stimulus 

How to use

<When Used Alone>

- Shake well prior to use the product

Make section under the wet condition of hair before shampooing, and coat primarily on scalp.

Leave the coated alone for 3 ~ 5 minutes after coating, execute massage mainly on sections the hair are thinly tapered and then rinse off. ​​


※ Dry and sensitive scalp: Apply 1~2 times per week. / Scalp with dandruff: Apply once by every two days. / Seborrheic scalp: Apply every day


<When using the Orzen Scalp Healing during treatment.> 

When applying after hair dyeing as for an alternative to shampoo, the Orzen Scalp Healing completely remove the pigments excessively dyed on scalp


made in Korea