Anthocyanin Second Edition Hair Manicure

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1. What is Anthocyanin?

Anthocyanin is a red, purple and blue pigment which changes according to aqueous pH. It exists in flower, fruit, and vegetables. In Korea, we call it “Wha Chung So”. In fall the protein that attaches to plant chlorophyll changes into amino. This process creates sugar which excels in creating anthocyanin and other colors. It explains how maple changes in color. However, anthocyanin is not only produced in maples. The red pigment of rose and the blue pigment of Agrostemma githago is also anthocyanin. Our brand concept is change, modern and variety. Our brand concept matches with anthocyanin. That is why we're named “Anthocyanin”. Like the change of plant color, our Acid Color helps our customers to express their individuality.

2. Acid Color like painting, change hair color as we change fashion and make-up!!

Today, customers want more from products. Previous products have limitations for satisfying the customer's desired hair color. Anthocyanin Second Edition would solve the problems that all hair designers have with various colors. It's possible to express various hair colors, from strong color to pastel colors. Therefore, Anthocyanin would make hair designer’s techniques more outstanding.

(※ It is not included Anthocyanin in Anthocyanin Second Edition Acid Color product.)

3. Merit of Anthocyanin Second Edition Acid Color

  • AHA

It helps hair to absorb the color completely and to maximize the coloring. It helps to condition the hair to color deeply. When rinsing the colored hair, it prevents color from rinsing off.

  • Protection from Sunlight

It prevents sun bleaching. It increases the persistence of color. The persistence of Anthocyanin Second Edition Acid Color helps to keep color longer.

  • Vegetable Protein

The ingredient of Anthocyanin Second Edition Acid Color is made of vegetable protein which is similar to hair. It helps to prevent hair damage. The effects of coating and treatment help the hair stay healthy and elastic.

  • The Ingredient of Hair Protein

It gives moisture and shines hair. Anthocyanin Second Edition Acid Color is proud of outstanding moisturizing and shining.

  • Vegetable component of protection from inflame

It includes components to protect hair scalps from allergy and infection.

4. Characteristics of Anthocyanin Second Edition Acid Color

  • It colors without chemical reaction and does not disassemble the hair's melanin pigment.
No hair damage.
  • Excellency on coating and gloss.

It helps to make hair condition to be acidic.

It easily forms protection and gives moisture and look healthy and shining.

  • Ability to express various colors. Excellent color expression of point color.

Bleached hair: Able to express colorful and vivid color.

Natural hair: Dark undertone color gives hair natural, healthy and shining look.

  • No chemical components like hydrogen peroxide.

No allergic reaction or damage.

5. Target for Anthocyanin Second Edition Acid Color

People who are allergic to hair dye.

People who do not want to damage their hair while dyeing.

People who want colorful color: point color, highlight.

People who want to darken the hair color after use of oxidation hair dye.