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Wellbeing Gypsum Mask Powder

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Preventing skin roughness and smooth texture The skin should be clean Supply the skin moisture and gives the flexibility to adjust to the moisture Makes skin healthy and protected It gives the convergence effect on the skin increases skin elasticity

Mask Type
Vitamin Gypsum Mask 700g
Collagen  Gypsum Mask 700g
Herbal Medicine Gypsum Mask 700g 

How to use
1. a cleansing or massage
2. Apply a nourishing cream or sufficiently ample , essences or plaster base .
3. Give overwrite the eyebrows, eyes and mouth with a damp cotton pad .
4. The mask sheet gives geopeo approximately 3 -fold .
5. binds the plaster in water 350g 160g folded well .
6. Apply as raising up from the widest part of the face .
7. Detach if the heat of the plaster completely.