TERME Hair Coloring Cream-Natural Protective Formula

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Terme Color Hair coloring cream


Instruction Guide

in a bowl mix non-metallic, until a creamy mixture and homogeneous, Terme Color with Terme Color Oxidizer Emulsion Vol. 10-20-30-40 to the extent of a party opermenent colorf Color and Spa and a half of Emulsion color Thermal Oxidizer. For super-brightening : part of two and a half of Emulsion Terme Color Oxidizer.


Choice of Oxidizing Emulsion

- Oxidant Emulsion at 10 Vol. (3%) : for a darker tone, or color tone on tone. Shutter speed indication, 30 mins.

- Oxdiant Emulsion at 20 Vol. (6%) : To cover gray hair, a lighter tone. Shutter speed indicative, 30~35 mins.

- Oxidiant Emulsion at 30 Vol. (9%) : For bleaching medium (2 or 3 tones), to enhance the red. Time installation guide, 35 mins.

- Oxidant Emulsion at 40 Vol. (12%) : For strong bleaching (3 or 4 tones) for super-brightening. Time installation guide, 40 to 45 mins.



Apply to dry hair and unwashed, natural hair (first application) : Apply the preparation at two centimeters from the root to the tip, leave 20 mins, re-prepare the same mixture and then apply it on the roots, leaving it in place for another 15-20 mins.

Colored hair (retouching) : prepare the desired mixture and apply only on growth, let it work for 20 mins, then take the product of lengths and ends left to act for 10 mins about, possibly diluting with warm water.



Natural hair (first application) : Apply the mixture to two inches from root to tip. Leave on for 30 mins, re-prepare the same mixture and then apply it on the roots leaving posing for another 30 mins. 

Dyed hair (retouch) : prepare the desired mixture and apply only on growth, leave for 30~45 mins.



After the indicated exposure time for each application, add a little warm water and lather well to tone the color, rinse well and make a Shampoo, Shampoo with Terme Color Equalizer.



mixed to any shade (expect for the super-brightening), enhances the brightening up a tone. Ex) 35ml of 7 + 15ml + 75ml of neutral Oxidant Emulsion at 20 Vol. = lightening of 2 tones. Used alone, with Terme Color Emulsion at 20, 30 Vol. allows to obtain clear or very light shades of natural light sunburn.



Spa Color is calibrated for a percentage of 70% white hair, In the case of a percentage below 50%, It is advisable to use a lighter tone (Ex: to use a 7 8). From 50% to 70% applied tone on tone (Ex: used 7 to obtain 7). Over 70% using a darker one (Ex: for a 7 using a 6).



made in ITALY