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Secret Ph Balance

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  • This is an intensive restorative hair product  based on PH for hair damage caused by color treatments or perms.
  • This product replaces the protein lost  during color treatments and perms by replenishing the hair’s supply of keratin, collagen and amino acids.
  • For use before perm neutralizer for normal perm, use after perm neutralizer for perm with heat and before shampooing following a hair color treatment.

Professional hair designers have developed a hair repair product based on long experience. Pishon Secret is the result of their best efforts.

  1. Using our product just one time will repair 80-90% of damage caused by chemical treatments such as color, bleaching and perming.
  2. It quickly softens and prevents damage to hair that can be caused by prolonged perming.
  3. It's possible to use this product with all types of perms.
  4. It is odorless and creates no tension on the scalp during the perm treatment process. It also has high customer satisfaction ratings.
  5. It keep your hair healthier with more bounce for 3-6months after perming.