Red Ginseng New Gold Scalp Cleanser (Shampoo)

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Blue - 6 year old red ginseng concentration liquid (contain 1,460mg) saponin, RG2 is active complex ingredient that clears scalp’s keratin and waste material to prevent scurf and itching. Moreover, it intensively gives nutrition to hair root to protect thin and powerless hair.

Original – black bean and Pleuropterus multflorus concentrated liquid provide smooth nutrition supply and strengthening natural water supplement layer to have strong elastic hair.
Water- Ocean’s deep water contains plenty of mineral molecular structure in detail than regular water that scalp quickly absorb and become a healthy scalp

Invention patent certified nutrition effect and benefit
- Red Ginseng New Gold Scalp Cleanser is a product that made out of 6-year-old red ginseng, black bean, black sesame, Pleuropterus multflorus, mugwort proved in scientific effect and benefit materials. Maltol, ginsenoside, RG2 etc, 10 kinds of saponin, are created and absorbed to hair root to strengthen hair to become strong tautly hair.
Red ginseng – improve hair root power, control hair lose, scalp sebum
Black bean – clean scalp management, prevent itching and scurf, control sebum
Black sesame - clean scalp management, prevent itching, supply water to scalp and hair
Pleuropterus multflorus – moisturize dry scalp and hair, supply scalp nutrition
Mugwort – calming scalp effect, protection of damaged hair, strengthen scalp and hair