Obsidian Premium Vernic Perm (1st 400ml / Cream,Liquid 2nd 400ml)

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Vernic Perm

A clinic perm that contains Keratin to protects hair organization from damage


H1 : for normal or healthy hair

N1 : for damaged hair



Volume 1st agent 400ml / 2nd agent 400ml
Main Ingredient CMC-AP, Low · High Molecular Hydrogenated Keratin
Used for products Customers who have normal, damaged and curly hair
Product Features

 1. Elasticity effect! CMC-AP ingredient reinforces cuticle and cortex layer.

 ▷ As CMC-AP ingredient combines with protein between cuticle and cortex, it reinforces and induratesinner hair.

 ▷ Water-soluble CMC-AP has outstanding absorbability at hair surface as taking same function  like as ceramide.

 ▷ It minimizes hair damage due to fast softening by penetrating to cuticle within a shortest time


2. Keratin of low & high molecular weight supplement nourishment loss.

 Keratin of low molecular weight reinforce inner section of hair as penetrating to cuticle layer deeply regarding keratin loss on magic straight permanent wave.

 As keratin of high molecular weight minimizes damage of cuticle surface, it keeps elastic curling hair  for a long time.


 3. As a treatment naturalizing agent retains vegetable oil, it adds outstanding hair conditioning effect after magic straight permanent wave


How to use

Step 1. Diagnosing hair 

Please diagnose the hair condition of the customer and choose the product and the procedure method.


Step 2. Towel dry after shampoo

After washing hair with cuticle care shampoo, dry the hair with towel.


Step 3.  Pretreatment application

From the hair end as a center of damage, please apply pretreatment to hair.


Normal hair~ damaged hair CMC care S1 application. Extremely damaged hair ORZEN CMC S2 application.


Step 4.  After applying 1st agent, softening test

Please note that healthy hair leave for 15~ 20 min  and damaged hair leave for 5~ 15 min


Step 5. Please Cleaning 1st agent

By applying ORZEN CMC care Babasu recovery shampoo, please rinse hair cleanly.


Step 6. Please apply Vernic heat protecter and control moisture

After drying hair with a towel, please apply proper volume of vernic heat protecter and control moisture of hair in accordance with styling.


Step 7. Please apply heat device

Please apply heat device to hair.(magic straightener and digital setting  etc)

With magic, digital, setting and so on, proceed heat tool procedure.


Step 8. Please apply 2nd agent

Please apply 2nd agent to hair once and leave for 10 min. (Over time can damage a hair when using hydrogen peroxide.


Step 9. Rinse and finish

After rinsing with warm water, please apply ORZEN CMC care Babasu recovery conditioner to hair.


Step 10. Styling

Lastly, Please make hair style with Obsidian Styling products.



made in Korea