Obsidian pH Controller 500ml

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pH controller


More glossy lasting for long~

Volume   500ml
Main Ingredient    Citric acid, Lactic acid, Sodium lactate, Cetrimon
Used for products    All types of hair


Product  Features

1) Discoloration Reduced after Dyeing and Manicure Treatment​

Excellent dyeing capability of low molecule pigment produces premium color nuance with fast coloration​

2) Great Color Sustaining Capability! 

Combination of Betaine - the natural moisturizer supplementing moist with smooth touch, DL-panthenol and MAS ingredients offers the conditioning effect felt so soft at the end of fingers​

3) Wave Fixing Capability Enhanced When Used after Perm Treatment​

Creamy type pH Controller, soft but no running down, provided with superior application and adsorption. Excellence of snowy hair covering provided with coating applicable up to the scalp​


How to use
<When Used with Dyeing Treatment.>​

Coat at the shampooing stand after shampooing and before rinsing.​


<When Used with Permanent Treatment.> 

Use after neutralization under the rod-out condition​

Use with towel dried hair after rinsing​


made in Korea