Incus VITA Q10 Recovery Hair Essence, Serum, Leave in Conditioner

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(Contains the liposome COENZYME Q-10 developed through the joint research of the Swiss company Mibelle)

This hair serum is a lotion type of serum that works to  recover the health of hair. 
It is a  multi care serum excellent in providing double the moisture to protect  cuticles easily damaged from various factors. 
Silicone  concentrate and moisturizing agents that easily bind to hair shaft quickly supplies moisture and builds a  strong barrier in order to prevent drying out of hair as well as prevent the loss of polypeptides.  This  makes limp or damaged hair stronger and makes it healthier and shinier.  The liposome COENZYME Q10 along with derivatives of different vitamins work synergistically together to provide hair with elasticity and shine. 
This product helps  prevent damage from frequent coloring, perming, and use of  heat tools of dried out  or weak, damaged hair. 
It is a  clear, lightweight  and an intensely moisturizing liquid type of serum that is silky in texture and is easily absorbed into hair. 
Also prevents coarse hair from tangling to make hair more sleek.  Leaves no sticky residue on hands after applying.

The effect of the 3-step system

  1.  Absorption of  serum provides the essential nutrient liposome COENZYME Q10  and derivatives of vitamins to penetrate deep into hair shaft to supply essential polypeptides to hair.
  2. Fast recovery of hair through products’ binding properties  and  long lasting  benefits.  Provides healthy hair as well as elasticity in hair  by strengthening the outer layer and  the damaged part of  hair through chemical bonding.   
    Helps  moisture and shine  in hair to be sustained for a longer time.
  3. Increases shine and elasticity through a “coating action.”  Silicone polymers that work exceptionally well in coating  hair help the nutrients  to be sealed into hair. 

(What is the coenzyme Q10 liposome?)  

A popular widely used substance found in cosmetics and health foods  of  Japan,  USA, and Europe that has anti-aging benefits.  It is more effective in preventing aging and decomposing toxins  than Vitamin E.

 Mibelle of Swiss who partook in researching and developing the coenzyme succeeded in micro-capsulizing the coenzyme (unstable in open air) into a form that easily binds to hair.  This protects the active ingredients which help the product deliver elasticity to hair quickly and safely  by helping nutrients to be penetrated deep into the hair and scalp better than its’ existing form.