Incus Aha Relaxing Acid Conditioner

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Calm silky hair - Incus VITA Q10 Aha Relaxing Rinse is an acid rinse that has reconditioning and dandruff prevention effects that prevent static electricity caused by combing and even makes hair calmly in neat and silky way.

Hair pH balance control – It has a great effectiveness for decreasing hair stimulation and even controls pH balance in perfect condition that recovers damaged hair caused by many perms and dyeing.

Coenzyme Q10 ribosome and fruit acid (A,H,A) synergy effect: Coenzyme Q10 ribosome and fruit acid(A,H,A) ingredients create a synergy effect to increase hair elasticity and gloss. Hair repairing components, Silk protein, keratin protein, make up damaged hair area that gives vivid color for dyed hair and long last elastic curl for curled hair.

What is Coenzyme Q10 ribosome?

Coenzyme Q10 ribosome, Swiss Mibel Research Institute and Somang Cosmetics cooperative research work developed product, is made out of Coenzyme Q10, instability open air product, coating with great hair affinity materials in nano ribosome technology that protect active principles in hair. It has fast and deep nutriments permeation than established Coenzyme Q10.