Glampalm 1” Pro (GP225)

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The Glampalm 1” Pro (GP225) is our most advanced hair tool. In addition to all the features of our Classic 1” Styling Iron, the Pro adds vibration and LTT modes. Minute vibrations (8000 per minute) make the styling experience the smoothest ever, and LTT mode is ideal for professional application of hair treatments. With the Pro, you will own the most innovative styling tool on the market!

  • LTT (Low Temperature Treatment) mode: Set to 140 °F and combine with vibration mode for an easy way to apply hair treatments that need heat and friction
  • Set of adhesive Tetone film (safe up to 400 °F) included – use to protect the styling tool from chemical seepage
  • Comes with a black clutch carrying case and a set of hair clips