Obsidian ORZEN Loss Control Shampoo 320g

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Orzen Loss Control Shampoo

Organic therapy only for hair loss to promote the growth of hair Experience


Volume  320g
Main Ingredient Organic lavender essential oil herb extract
Used for products Stopping hair loss, Seborrheic scalp
Product Features

For the thin and easily falling out hair, this refreshing shampoo contains patented ingredients which revitalize hair. This eliminates a pollutant disturbing the growth of hair and the confirmed organic materials and some kinds of nutritious ingredients penetrate deeply to help hair make healthier in case of using continuously.  

How to use

Soak hair sufficiently with water. Take appropriate amount of ORZEN loss Control Shampoo and evenly rub the on hair and scalp like doing massage operation producing bubbles. Then, cleanly rinse the hair off. 



made in Korea