Womax Wave Kaiser Thermal Wave Perm Machine

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Digital perm, above its value

Wave expression just as desired, the ideal manifested as reality

Technology designed to minimize hair damage

  • Technology that controls real-time temperature, with an interface that charts the temperature, checks the timer, and can reduce hair damage.
  • The cable LED lights up and alerts when something is wrong with the rod and cable.
    • [Green- cable and rod ready to use ]
    • [Red-rod in operation]
    • [Blue- check cable or rod connection]
  • Laser therapy to promote curl formation
  • Active cooling time during post-treatment to promote curl elasticity

Professional process that transforms functions desired by hairdressers into reality

  • Port Mode

It's possible to set the temperature of ten cables individually

  • 3 Block Mode

Set temperature by blocks by dividing cables into 3 blocks to minimize hair damage

  • Section mode

A customized mode to set temperature and time depending on hair damage level by 3 sections

50 Rods Included (Regular Size)

12mm - 5ea
14mm - 5ea
16mm - 5ea
18mm - 10ea
20mm - 10ea
22mm - 10ea
24mm - 5ea